Did Pebble Just Leak Its Color Screen Smartwatch?

Is this the new Pebble? The company is set to unveil its next generation smartwatch tomorrow and the image above was just discovered on Pebble’s website. Rumors state that the next version will sport a new design and a color e-ink screen — just like the watch in this picture.

This will mark Pebble’s third unit in as many years. Just last year the company rolled out the Pebble Steel, which was a remake of the original model. The watch the company is said to announce tomorrow will be something totally different, though.

The new watch is said to have a color e-ink display, Cortex M4 SoC with a 6-axis gyroscope. It will lack a touchscreen, though, and instead have buttons on the side like its two predecessors.

If the price is right, the new Pebble should not have to worry about the impeding Apple Watch. The two companies are targeting different markets with the Apple Watch likely locked to iOS and with a starting price of $349.

Pebble has built an incredible ecosystem around its products by heavily courting developers and enthusiasts. The watch even supports Android Wear apps. The company participates in hackathons and does not discourage users to modify its products. And now with a color model in the works, the Pebble is ready to stand tall against the best Apple can produce.