Latest Teaser Suggests Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Will Sport A Metal Back

It looks like Samsung is finally dispensing with its tradition of faux leather, plastic backs for its Galaxy S range.

That’s according to this teaser image from T-Mobilespotted by The Verge — which gives us the clearest glimpse yet of the Galaxy S6, the phone Samsung is expected to announce next weekend at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The Korean company has notably introduced two metallic-bodied devices this year — the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 — so it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see that part of the design make its way into its latest flagship. Certainly, the plastic backs have gained few supporters since they make the build of Samsung’s phones feel somewhat cheap.

Samsung has already hinted that the Galaxy S6 will be curved, and that seems to be pretty certain at this point. This teaser again suggests that the model will take on the curved edge of the experimental Galaxy Note Edge, but on both sides of the phone. It isn’t clear whether a curved version will be offered alongside a regular version of the phone — as is the case with the Note 4/Note Edge — or whether this is the only version of the Galaxy S6.

Two versions wouldn’t be a huge surprise, particularly given that there’s little evidence that curved screens are something that consumers particular want, or indeed need. Apple sells two different sized versions of the iPhone 6, and Samsung has long released multiple versions of its phones to suit different tastes and budgets. The Galaxy S5, for example, is available in Active, Zoom, and Mini versions.

Anyway — less than a week to wait, so we’ll find out soon.