Box Acquires Cloud Management Startup Airpost

Airpost, a startup that helps IT managers monitor their employees’ cloud applications, announced this morning that it has been acquired by Box.

Airpost founder and CEO Navid Nathoo’s blog post makes this sound like a talent acquisition. The Airpost team will be joining Box (which went public just under a month ago), while the Airpost service will be shut down on March 1.

A Box spokesperson confirmed the news via email.

Here’s how Nathoo explains the deal:

By joining the Box team, we have the opportunity to provide security and enablement on an even larger, global scale. Box is at the forefront of secure content collaboration in the enterprise, and we share a common vision for bringing user-driven products that increase productivity securely to the enterprise. We are excited to bring our experiences from Airpost to Box and continue to build world-class products so organizations all over the world can feel secure that their content is safe in the cloud, and that their employees will be more productive than ever before.

I haven’t been able to find much┬ápress coverage of Airpost on TechCrunch or elsewhere, but Nathoo writes that the company was founded two years ago. (It was incubated at the enterprise-focused Alchemist Accelerator.) The goal was to help IT managers make peace with the cloud by giving them “the visibility and confidence they needed to securely adopt and deploy cloud applications into their organization.”