Robocoin SDK Lets Any ATM Accept Cryptocurrency

Robocoin released its first bitcoin ATM nearly two years ago, and today the company is announcing a software pack that enables any ATM or kiosk to accept, dispense or transfer money with bitcoin. Called Coin SDK, the software pack is part of the company’s mission to bring the power of Bitcoin to the masses.

The software seems easy to install. Robocoin says kiosk operators simply need to drop the software back into the existing software. As long as the machine can dispense and/or accept cash, the software should enable bitcoin transactions. Best yet, all the transactions are identified and managed through a wallet system.

“We are about to make bitcoin much more available by upgrading the world’s existing kiosk and ATM infrastructure into a globally interconnected bitcoin cash exchange and remittance network,” Robocoin CEO Jordan Kelley told TechCrunch. “Our goal since day one was to make it easy to acquire, store and use bitcoin. Our Cash SDK is the culmination of over a year of software development and two years of experience in the space, with these goals in mind.”

Robocoin managed to get several of its bitcoin ATMs installed around the world. There is even one on the Las Vegas Strip. Yet there were legal hurdles along the way, and the company clearly understands its strength is not in hardware or distribution. The move to building and supporting an SDK will lean on the company’s strengths. But the company still needs to sell the idea and get ATM operators on board. Perhaps the hardest part is yet to come.