Google Inbox Comes To iPad And Android Tablets, Now Works In Firefox And Safari


Late last night, we pointed out that Google had started quietly rolling out an iPad-friendly build of Inbox (the company’s invite-only Gmail reader with built-in tricks like email snoozing) in select countries. We noted that Google would probably make it official and ship it worldwide within a few hours.

Sure enough, Google has just made the announcement.

Inbox is now officially available for iPad, as well as Android tablets.

Meanwhile, it’s finally picked up official support for Firefox and Safari, whereas only Chrome had been supported to date*. You can find the web version here.

(* Though you could totally spoof your browser agent to get it to work in other browsers, and it worked pretty darn well.)

Alas, one caveat: it’s still invite-only. While it’s not hard to get in (if all else fails, email and wait a few days), it’s still sort of roped off.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 6.12.32 AM