Facebook’s Mobile Apps Now Let You Plaster Stickers All Over Your Photos

Facebook has raised its sticker game with an update to its iOS and Android apps that allows users to decorate new photos with stickers and post them to the social network, as Engadget noted.

The world’s largest social network lets you use stickers with friends on its Messenger app, as comments on Facebook status updates and on photos in Messenger — via its standalone ‘Stickered’ apps — but this latest move threatens to unleash a full-scale stickerpocalypse within your Timeline.

Beyond testing this feature because it is new, it could be that many Facebook users simply aren’t interesting in sticker-fied photos in the long run. The sticker phenomenon started in Asia, with Line and apps like WeChat and Kakao Talk, and Facebook’s continued adoption of stickers is a validation. In the case of Line, which pioneered the genre, stickers are just one part of its ‘soul’ and — as Fast Company recently pointed out — “mimicking another app’s features may be easy, but stealing its soul is not.”

If you want to give this new feature a spin, simply update your Facebook for iOS or Android app to the latest version and get snapping, sticking and posting your creations for your friends to admire/ridicule.