Blue Jeans Partners With The Players’ Tribune For Primetime Service

Newly launched sports portal, The Players’ Tribune, the first-person multimedia site for athletes to tell their own stories (and Derek Jeter’s second act after a storied baseball career), is partnering with Blue Jeans Network to craft new video and multimedia content.

Jeter’s site will use the company’s new “Primetime” technology in its site to provide interactive video events for athletes and fans who come to the site.

At an event on Saturday, held ahead of the site’s official Wednesday launch, Blue Jeans assembled a panel of contributing athletes and the media and fans.

Primetime, which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival is an interactive large scale events service for communicating via video. Using a moderator, people watching an event can become active participants in the conversation by adding their voices to a queue.

It’s the latest step in the development of Blue Jeans Network, just as the company faces new competition from well-funded competitors.

Earlier this month, Emergence Capital Partners backed Zoom, which has its own take on video conferencing software. With $30 million in funding from Emergence, the company has a war chest that could rival Blue Jeans’ $50 million most recent haul.

The partnership with The Players’ Tribune is one more piece of Blue Jeans’ media puzzle. The company has added Sundance for entertainment, TED for media, and Players’ Tribune for sports.