Reddit Made $8.3M In Ad Revenue Last Year, And It Will Donate 10 Percent To Charity

About a year ago, news-sharing community Reddit announced plans to take 10 percent of its ad revenue and donate it to┬ácharity. Today it’s revealing details about how much money it’s actually donating and giving users the chance to determine where that money will go.

Reddit says it brought in about $8.3 million in revenue in 2014 ($8,276,594.93 if you want to be precise). As a result, it will donate $827,659.49 to charity. That money will be split evenly among the 10 most popular charities among Reddit users.

For this effort, Reddit says it has partnered with CharityNavigator, making the CharityNavigator database searchable to Reddit users. Anyone with a Reddit account can vote here, and you can vote for as many charities as you like.

Beyond being an inherently good thing, efforts like this may balance out some of the less laudable aspects of the community and give weight to Reddit’s claims to more than just a for-profit company. The Reddit blog post highlights some of its other do-gooder efforts, and it’s also said it will give its users shares in the company in the form of cryptocurrency.