TC Droidcast Episode 37: Is Nvidia Planning A GRID Gaming Box?

This week, join us as we discuss the plans Nvidia might have for its big GDC announcement on March 3. We speculate it could be new Shield gaming hardware, or a dedicated GRID gaming box that would allow users to stream top-tier PC games to their TVs directly using an inexpensive, lightweight Android-based set-top box. It’s purely in our imagination for now, but how fun would that be?

Other topics this week include the new Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors from Bloomberg, which suggest that the Korean company’s upcoming flagship for 2015 will offer all-metal bodies, as well as 5.1-inch displays, with a wraparound screen that crosses three panels on one version, like a Galaxy Note Edge but with both edges as displays.

We also touch on Google’s 2015 I/O Developer Conference, which takes place at the end of May this year. Google is going for lottery again in terms of tickets distribution, which is both equitable and likely maddening to those who feel they can beat others in a straight up race.

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