RoboCore Is A Core For Your Robo

Krakow-based RoboCore has just launched on Kickstarter and is looking for a mere $50,000 to help you build better robots.

The device is essentially a brain for your robotic projects. It is compatible with LEGO MindStorms and allows you to control multiple servos and sensors. You can also stream audio and video through the box. You program it via an IDE and then upload instructions wirelessly.

Early birds can get the kit for $89 right now. A mini kit costs $59.

The system is similar to an Arduino kit but is specifically designed for robotics projects. The motor ports are particularly interesting because they allow for more motor control and you can use 12V or 9V motors for your projects. The sensors allow you to take measurements from your environment and the entire thing can fit behind an LCD screen or inside a case. While many of these features are available as standalone pieces, this product is particularly interesting because it allows for quick prototyping rather than futzing with Adruino boards, shields, and relays.