Microsoft Will Reportedly Finish Windows 10 In June

According to a report in Neowin, Microsoft is set to complete Windows 10 in June. Goals can slip, of course. Microsoft declined to comment on the timeframe.

Microsoft will release Windows 10 this year. The company released its second preview update to the operating system in January, and will debut the mobile build of Windows 10 this month.

At its Build conference in April, Microsoft will debut even more of Windows 10. Those updates, unsurprisingly, will be aimed at the developing classes. Microsoft will have then completed the troika of enterprise — the first Windows 10 release — consumer — the current and coming mobile builds — and developer preview releases.

If June feels like a rapid timeframe to finish Windows 10, it is worth noting that the Windows 8 release cycle was similar. Brad Sams, in the aforementioned Neowin report, makes the point simply:

For a bit more information about the timetable, if you look at the Windows 8 release schedule, that OS hit RTM August 1st, 2012 and Windows 8’s consumer preview was at the end of February.

Windows 10 got a new build out the gate in mid-January, implying that its RTM date should be a tip before August. You know, like June.

Hold onto your hat, however, unless you’re an OEM: RTM means the code is released to companies like Dell, not the average consumer. You will have to wait a bit longer. Still, Microsoft wants to ensure that as many Windows 10-powered PCs as possible are in the market for first the back-to-school sales cycle, let alone this year’s far away holiday period.

So, the Windows 10 development cycle continues much as we expected it to. Why won’t the company publicly commit to the timeframe that it is using internally? Because shit can go wrong. And you can’t be late if you never said when you would arrive.

Yes, you can make the Gandalf joke.