Email Marketing Startup Iterable Raises $1.2M

Iterable has raised $1.2 million for what it says is a comprehensive platform for email marketing.

CEO Justin Zhu told me that he came from Twitter, while his co-founder Andrew Boni came from Google. At both companies, they saw the impact that email marketing can make, but they also saw some of the challenges that marketers can face trying to personalize and test campaigns.

Iterable’s features include A/B testing and personalization, and it can be used for a variety of promotional and marketing messages.

Zhu highlighted the company’s “trigger campaigns” — the platform allows marketers to segment customers into different groups and use workflow tools to build “a map for automating consumer engagement.” For example, a company could use your browsing and purchase behavior to promote new, relevant products when they’re added to the inventory.

And while there are other email marketing and A/B testing tools out there, Zhu described his product as “the orchestrator, the command-and-control center” that can integrate with other services like Mixpanel and, delivering “a more holistic view” of your customer data.

Founded two years ago and incubated as part of AngelPad, Iterable says its customers include BetterDoctor, Eat24, DanceOn, Dot & Bo, Memebox, and Pinrose. In the funding release, BetterDoctor’s director of product Joel Goyette described using the product as “one of our highest impact activities of 2014.”

Among other things, Zhu said he plans to expand to other marketing channels like push notifications.

The funding comes from Merus Capital, 500 Startups, 645 Ventures, AngelList, TEC Angel Fund, and China Rock. It was actually announced at the end of January, but it hasn’t attracted much press attention, so I figure it’s still news to most TechCrunch readers.