Facebook’s Dedicated App For The Famous Gains Twitter Sharing, Topics In Timeline

Not all Facebooks are created equal: Facebook Mentions is an app the company released last year that lets celebrities use the social network in a way that’s gear for filtering out noise and making fan engagement much easier. Today, it got a couple of updates that show FB is really all bout the celebs, to the point where it now supports sharing beyond Facebook’s own network to Twitter, which some could argue is one of its primary competitors when it comes to celeb attention.

Mentions now supports sharing of content to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, right from a dropdown menu that also allows deletion of posts. Anything users share on their FB feed is thereby theoretically also shareable on those networks, including updates and images, with tools that let you edit the message for each network and crop pictures when they aren’t already square.

The other update lets people add topics to their feed, meaning they’ll be able to see public posts around specific hashtags or individuals, so they can track the conversation not just about themselves, but also about the team they play on, for athletes, or their bandmates, for instance.

Facebook’s elite app is clearly doing something right, if the company is devoting enough time to it to ship updates like these. The network could manage to become the go-to destination for celebs looking to manage their online social presence, if it keeps playing nice with others like Twitter, which ultimately means more engagement from key users that drive more of that from the rank and file.