Microsoft Releases “Universal” Touch-Friendly Office Apps For Windows 10

Microsoft today released early builds of its Office suite designed for Windows 10, software that is designed to accept touch input and work across tablets and phones. Office 2016, the desktop edition of Office, will also ship this year.

Windows 10, of course, is Microsoft’s new operating system that is designed to work across every device category and screen size. The move to harmonize its operating system platform will allow it to offer a larger user base to developers, which might make creating apps for its software more enticing.

You can snag the new apps in the Store, or here, here, and here.

The introduction of a touch-friendly build for Windows comes after the company announced versions of Office for Android and iOS. Users of its own platform were not entirely enthused. The cross-platform, touch-friendly build of Office for Windows that is now partially released wouldn’t have made sense before Windows 10 existed — it will function on both phones and tablets, something that Windows 10’s predecessor, Windows 8, did not handle.