Apple Stores Will Implement Jewelry Store Practices To Help Sell The Apple Watch

Apple selling the Apple Watch will be a big change for the iPhone-maker, and it is reportedly switching up its retail game to accommodate the new wearable. Last week on our weekly AppleCast, we discussed how retail strategy might shift with the Apple Watch, and now 9to5Mac reports on a number of concrete changes that will be coming to Apple’s physical retail locations to help securely sell even the highest-priced Apple Watch, and to make sure potential customers get plenty of in-store exposure to the device and its many options.

The Apple Watch will be stored in custom-made safes overnight, and while waiting for sale, complete with built-in MagSafe chargers (the new disc-shaped version introduced specifically for Apple Watch compatibility), and new display tables will be installed to allow users to get a close look at the wearable. Additional sales practices will be introduced to let store visitors try on various Apple Watch models, material and color options, and to wear them around the store to get a better idea of what it might be like to wear one full-time.


Another change will be the introduction of scales to retail locations, 9to5Mac claims. Said scales will be used to ensure that Apple Watch Edition versions of the Apple Watch (which will be made of high-quality materials, including 24k gold) are returned with as much gold onboard as they had when they left. Substituting out high-quality fakes, or subtly removing small amounts of the material prior to bringing it back in for a refund could result in significant upside for enterprising criminals, after all.

These rumors back up earlier suggestions that Apple will offer a range of price points on its debut wearable that could extend into the thousands of dollars range. Safes and scales are jeweller staples, and that means we might see very different in-store approaches to selling the Apple Watch to consumers.