NBC’s 10-Hour Super Bowl Live Stream Begins Now

As reported weeks ago, NBC is streaming the Super Bowl for free offering a live stream of the big game today starting at noon ET.

This isn’t the first time that NBC has streamed the big game, but it is the first time that the whole game (from pre-game, to the game itself, to half-time and beyond) will be streamed start to finish on the internet. Also, users won’t have to sign in using their cable TV credentials.

One caveat: No smartphones allowed.

Due to an exclusive deal between NBC Verizon, most folks won’t be able to watch Super Bowl XLIX on their pocket computers. All that said, the stream can be found on NBC Sports Live Extra, or through sites that will point to the stream, like NFL.com and SuperBowl.com.

The actual game doesn’t start until 6:30pm ET tonight, but there will be all kinds of long-winded coverage leading up to the game, which starts at 12pm ET. The live stream begins then, and runs past the game to 10pm ET. The kind folks at NBC even included an episode of the Black List.

This is anticipated as one of the best Super Bowl match-ups in years, so it should be a pretty good game. And if you don’t like football, there are always the commercials.