11 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

This week’s tech news included a massive earnings report from Apple, Snapchat’s Discover launch, Apple Watch shipping dates and a particularly inflammatory Newsweek cover. These are our best stories (1/24-1/30).


1. It was revealed that Apple had the most profitable quarter of any company, ever, and now holds the record: $18.04 billion in profit, fiscal Q1 of 2015, and is making around $8.3 million dollars per hour.

2. Tim Cook announced that the Apple Watch will start shipping to consumers in April.

3. Snapchat launched its new Discover feature, a daily refreshed channel guide serving up disappearing content alongside brand advertisements. Josh and Jordan also went hands-on with Discover.

4. Microsoft launched Outlook for Android and iOS phones and tablets.

5. Facebook reported its earnings, and we learned that the site’s powerful ad tools grew its revenue 25 times faster than user count, and Facebook now has 3 billion videos viewed on its site each day.

6. Ron and Alex analyzed Box’s recent, much anticipated IPO and the startup community’s reactions to it.

7. We went hands-on with Windows 10 to show you the best of the latest build of Microsoft’s new operating system.

8. Amazon debuted a new product called WorkMail, which is an email and calendaring service that aims to provide those tools for corporate customers.

9. Newsweek ran a tounge-in-cheek story about what Silicon Valley thinks of women accompanied by a shudder-inducing print cover of a woman getting her behind clicked on by a big black cursor. Alexia argues that Newsweek’s efforts to be provocative and meta failed, because you cannot pull readbait like this on topics as complex as gender bias in tech.

10. We covered the story behind the $10 million investment that’s launching Roadie, an Uber-like marketplace for the shipping industry.

11. We covered the story behind Ray Walker, an industrial designer who quit his day job to pursue his startup dream of Spoolee.