Tesla’s P85D Will Get Even Faster Thanks To A Software Update


Tesla’s P85D is already fast. Really, really fast. Push the button to put the car into “Insane” mode (really — that’s what it’s called) and it’ll do 0-60 in 3.2 seconds.

Now it’s about to get even faster.

And get this: It’s getting faster because of an over the air software update.

Musk confirmed the change in a tweet:

0.1 seconds might not seem like a lot — but when you get down into these time ranges, every tenth of a second is monumental.

More importantly, just think about that for a second:

  • You buy a car.
  • The engineers who made the car realize they can tweak some parameters of the car and make it better.
  • Next time you get in your car, it’s faster. No going to the dealership for an update, no popping the hood and swapping parts — it’s just faster. Because it can be.

Imagine getting into your car and having it say “Oh! Hey. I’m faster now than I was yesterday. You’re welcome!” Because that’s what’s happening.

Musk also noted that the P85 (the single motor version, versus the P85D’s two) will be seeing an acceleration improvement, albeit not as significant.