Product Hunt Adds Direct Messaging To Founders

There are various ways to get a contact for the stories we write here, but it’s not always easy. The reasons can vary from the wrong contact info listed on a site to simply no contact info listed anywhere on the web.

Product Hunt, the product aggregation site, is hoping to make it a bit easier to contact founders and makers of listed products with the roll out of a new direct messaging feature.

The new feature is only available to a few select journalists who tend to cover products listed on the site for now.

Product Hunt founder Ryan Hoover tells us journalists had often asked his team for introductions to founders and makers of some of the more popular products on the site. He also thought founders could benefit from something that let journalists reach out to them directly. The new feature is a way to make it easier to directly connect both parties.

Product Hunt will be testing the feature with just a few whitelisted individuals for now. Those with access to the feature will see a “Message” button on the top right of someone’s profile page. You can click the button to send anyone with a profile a message on the site.

Locating a founder should be a pretty easy process on Product Hunt. You can either find them by clicking through their profile picture on the top of a product page, by clicking on their profile picture in the product conversation or by searching for them by name on the site.

According to Hoover, founders are usually already in the conversation on products that reach the top of the list on Product Hunt. Journalists can locate those founders by clicking through their profile pictures in the product conversation.

Hoover mentioned possibly giving venture capitalists and others who could benefit from a direct contact mechanism the same sort of access in the future.