Teaches Entrepreneurs How To Talk The Talk

The fine people behind some of the best SaaS startups around are putting together 52 weekly lessons to get better at communicating both inside your company, and with potential partners and customers. Every week, subscribers will receive an email with advice on how they can get better at communicating. The best part is that it’s free.

So far, 15 companies are on board, and it looks like each company will design its own lesson for now Other companies might join later on, or the original companies will write other lessons. And I’m sure subscribers will receive promo codes for these services.

There is a story behind my interest for While the website is not branded, the original idea comes from the team behind Front. Front is a shared inbox app and service that makes email, Twitter and SMS communication suck less.

I met Front co-founder and CEO Mathilde Collin two weeks ago, and she couldn’t stop talking about Ben Horowitz’s book — The Hard Thing About Hard Things. “When a company grows, communication becomes its biggest challenge,” Horowitz wrote.

I feel like she asks the same question every time she meets someone who works in a startup — how do you work with each other? She always wants to know the tools people use, workflows and particular use cases. It’s a great way to learn what people want for Front, but it goes a bit further than that.

Communication is the keystone of a company. It can make or break a startup success story. Teams who can communicate effectively also ship more often. And finally, many startups fail because they can’t get customers and users.

Moreover, communication tools are quite popular right now. Facebook recently launched Facebook at Work, Slack raised $120 million. But instead of trying every new shiny new tool, might teach you a few skills.