With $40M In Recent Funding, Classpass Hires Revenue And Marketing Execs

Classpass, the NY-based company that gives users unlimited access to local fitness classes, has pulled in some new key hires moving into 2015.

Zach Apter and Alex Do are joining the team as head of revenue management and head of marketing, respectively, as Classpass focuses on growing the already-popular brand.

Classpass is a TechStars-backed startup based in New York that offers users a chance to purchase a $99 monthly subscription that grants them access to unlimited fitness classes at dozens of local boutique gyms and studios. Users can attend the same class up to three times each month, spreading awareness of different fitness brands and classes and keeping the workout new and fresh for users.

Zach Apter comes from Google, where he led strategy for Google’s self-driving cars initiative, and was previously at Microsoft as the head of corporate strategy. Apter will grab on to the financial reins at Classpass as the company experiments with flexible pricing for studios and gyms based on popularity and demand.

“Zach is just this genius when it comes to pricing and strategy,” said Classpass founder and CEO Payal Kadakia. “It’s not about having one price we pay all our studios and he has the mental power to think through the algorithms we need to be smarter with pricing engines and our basic recommendations engine.”

Alex Do, on the other hand, comes from Fab.com where he was the SVP of Marketing and Ecommerce. He’ll be leading brand marketing work for Classpass, focusing on creative PR initiatives and ways to build awareness around the brand name to more users and studios.

“Data doesn’t do your thinking for you,” said Kadakia. “You have to have an idea and the data helps you get closer to an answer, and Alex is very good at balancing his creative side with his analytical side. We’re a lifestyle brand, and he understands that.”

Classpass recently raised a $40 million Series B round led by General Catalyst and Thrive Capital. The company operates in over 20 cities and, with these hires and the new funding, plans rapid expansion to more markets over the next year.