More Than Half A Billion People Access Facebook Solely From Mobile

It seems that with every earnings report, we hit another milestone in Facebook’s shift to mobile. Here’s the latest one: 526 million of its monthly active users access Facebook solely from their mobile devices.

That’s up from 456 million in the previous quarter, and it’s an increase of around 78 percent from the 296 million mobile-only users that Facebook saw during the same period last year. That also represents about 38 percent of Facebook’s 1.39 billion monthly active users.

You can see the growth in the chart above, which is from the slides accompanying Facebook’s fourth-quarter earnings report. (If you can’t quite make out the fine print, for the “mobile only” number, Facebook is counting usage of its mobile app and mobile website, as well as usage of Messenger, but not WhatsApp or Instagram.)

Just in case you doubted whether Facebook’s mobile user base is really big, there are some other mobile stats in the report — 745 million daily active users on mobile, 1.19 billion monthly active users on mobile (but not necessarily mobile-only). Most noteworthy, perhaps, was the fact that mobile represented 69 percent of Facebook’s $3.59 billion in ad revenue, compared to 53 percent during the same period last year.

Update: I tweaked the headline and opening paragraph of this post because mobile probably includes more than just phones.