The Case That Turns Your Phone Into A Polaroid Camera Is Now On Kickstarter

The Prynt case, which lets you print photos directly from your phone, is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter. While the startup still plans for its case to retail for $99, early backers can get it for $49.

As you can see the in the video above, we bumped into Prynt a few weeks back at CES. They demonstrated their new mount for phones, which will allow the case to support larger phablets like the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note line down the road. They weren’t showing a case with a direct connection to your phone over Lightning or USB, so print times still haven’t quite hit the 30 seconds the team is aiming for.

When it arrives this summer, the Prynt will support the iPhone 5/s/c/6 and the Samsung Galaxy S4/S5. Along with printing photos as you take them or from your camera roll, it’ll also come with an app that brings a nifty augmented reality feature, which I described when we first met Prynt back in November:

When you take a photo with Prynt’s app, it actually records a video of the moments around when you clicked the button and sends it to the cloud. When you hold up the physical photo to your phone’s camera with the app open, it is overlaid with a Play button that shows that video in place of the picture itself.

It’s like Snapchat but with a physical token that gives you permission to see videos. In order to make it even more secure, the company is looking into tricks like hiding pixels in images that would prevent them from being copied, so a photo of the photo wouldn’t bring up the play button in the app

Prynt Case