It’s Snowing In The Northeast

You might not know it, because maybe you’re in some wonderful part of the country covered in sunshine warmth and rainbows, but for real people who live in the north east, it’s snowing. It’s been snowing for 24 hours now.

It’s blown up with the media. They have given it a name, Winter Storm Juno, and promised snow up to our chins. Here in New York City, we were spared in many ways. The snow isn’t up to our chins and many of us don’t need extra supplies, but areas some parts of New England and Long Island have been hit hard and will continue seeing snow.

The roads are simply not safe. In NYC, they are “passable” but that does not mean they are safe for normal, every-day use. Many New Yorkers are walking to work this morning. The city banned use of the roads or any transportation systems last night starting at 11pm and has since lifted that ban, but as the snow continues to fall, the roads remain unsafe.

But the city wants to help.

An app that aggregates data from the 2000+ plows working on the roads is relaying that data back to New Yorkers through a web app. At, users can see roads that have been plowed in the last hour in green, roads that have been plowed within one to three hours in blue, and so on and so forth.

It could make the day’s trips a bit safer, especially considering that the app also shows the Snow Removal Designation so you can see which roads are of high priority to plow, choosing them instead of lesser attended roads.

As per usual, don’t spend too much time (any at all, really) looking at the web app while driving. It’s dangerous out there, and if you insist on driving on these roads, it’s best to go slow and proceed with the highest caution.

[IMG via NYSE]