ROCKI Adds Spotify To Its List Of Integrated Music Services

ROCKI, which makes a device that turns any speaker into a wireless speaker system, is partnering with Spotify so its users can stream the music service over their existing speaker systems.

In its latest update, ROCKI devices will work with Spotify Connect. Premium subscribers to Spotify’s music service will find the device under Spotify’s Connect icon. This means users can wirelessly play and control music on ROCKI connected speakers from the Spotify app itself.

ROCKI’s “Play” device uses WiFi, to receive audio signals from smartphones, tablets and PCs, from greater distances than bluetooth devices.

Through the company’s mobile app, users can access saved music and cloud storage services as well as the new Spotify feature. The company has sold 12,000 units so far and expects to reach 100,000 by the end of the year.

The $49 device is for sale at Amazon and the company’s own site.