Apple Paid Tim Cook $9.2 Million Last Year

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Ever wonder how much one makes as the head of Apple?

Good news! Since Apple is a public company, that’s public information. They updated their charts for last year just this morning.

Here’s how it all broke down in 2014:

  • Tim Cook took in $9.2 million in 2014 — $1.7 million of that as salary, $6.7 million as non-equity compensation (that is, money he makes based on how the company performs). That’s over double what he made in 2013, which was roughly $4.2 million.
  • Newcomer Angela Ahrendts, hired away from Burberry to lead Apple’s retail strategy, earned $73 million. The very vast majority of that ($70 million) was in stock.
  • CFO Peter Oppenheimer earned $4.5 million before retiring in September. This was about double his 2013 compensation.
  • Oppenheimer’s replacement, Luca Maestri, earned $14 million — about $13 million of which was stock and bonuses.
  • iTunes/App Store/Apple Pay/Siri/Apple Maps/iCloud-boss Eddy Cue earned $24. million, $20 million of which was stock. This is about 12x his 2013 compensation.
  • Supply chain head (SVP of Operations) Jeff Williams earned $24 million, $20 million of which was stock.

This doesn’t factor in any net worth gained on Apple stock each exec already owned — and given that Apple stock did nothing but climb in 2014, that’s likely a huge chunk of cash in its own right.

You can find Apple’s Executive Compensation table on page 40 of this document.

tl;dr: some made more than others, but all of them made more than most can begin to imagine.