Google Docs For Mobile Gets Real-Time Spell-Checking, Touch ID Support To Protect Documents

Google launched a couple of nifty updates to the mobile versions of its Docs, Sheets and Slides productivity apps today. These include new editing and security tools that will make using the apps on iOS and Android a bit easier.

test4On the editing side, Google is finally adding real-time spell-checking to the apps. Given that typing on mobile is even more typo-prone than on a desktop, that’s a welcome addition, especially in Docs. Other new features include the ability to hide rows and Columns in spreadsheets and to group shapes in presentations.

More importantly, though, Google is also adding support for Apple’s Touch ID on iOS to these apps. That way, you can ensure that your documents stay safe even when you’re handing your iPhone to somebody else (or you don’t use any lock screen protection at all and your phone gets stolen). As far as I know, this marks the first time Google supports Touch ID in any of its apps on iOS.

To help those who are blind or have low vision, the new apps now support screen-reading services on both iOS and Android and work better with screen magnification.