Campus Job Adds Internships, Switches Up Revenue Model Heading Into Summer

Campus Job, the online marketplace for employers looking to find highly skilled part-time employees and brand ambassadors from college, is heading into a busy summer.

The company, which previously only offered part-time jobs during the school year, has expanded the platform to include summer internships. But beyond that, Campus Job is also restructuring the business model.

The new revenue format offers a similar search system for both sides, employer and student. Students still use the service entirely free, but employers are asked to pay per criteria for every qualified applicant they get from the posting.

Previously, employers would post listings for free and then pay a flat $24 fee to “unlock” each of their listings and see applicants. Now, employers are paying based on the applicants they’re receiving.

In other words, employers can now post a listing with highly specific details around the type of applicant they want, including college, major, extra curricular activities, experience, interests, etc. The more of the criteria that the applicant meets, the more the employer pays to unlock that applicant’s profile and make an offer.

Campus Job has received more than $1 million in seed funding, despite being revenue positive from day one. To learn more about the site head over here.