Brandfolder Raises $2M To Help Companies Manage Their Logos And Other Brand Assets

Brandfolder, a startup that helps companies manage their brand assets, announced yesterday that it has raised $2 million in new funding.

The idea might sound, um, a little dry, but the Denver-based startup has attracted some famous customers, including the Seattle Seahawks, MapQuest (which, like TechCrunch, is owned by AOL), the Dallas Mavericks and Groupon.

CEO Steve Baker noted that the Seahawks, for example, are probably getting tons of requests for copies of their logo and other brand assets right now (I hear they’ve got a big game coming up), and with Brandfolder, they can point everyone making those requests to one place.┬áBrands get one link that they can share with press, partners and other folks who want access to those assets. The files can also be embeddable (so if a brand creates a new logo, it’ll be updated wherever the image was embedded), and unlike a Dropbox folder, specific usage guidelines can be attached. You can see Brandfolder’s Brandfolder here.

The investment came from White Cedar Enterprises, the new investment fund of Jeffrey Covington, who previously backed Brandfolder as an angel investor. Brandfolder has now raised a total of $3 million from investors, including TechStars, David Hose, Mike Kearns, Anthony Soohoo and Patrick Keane.