TC Droidcast Episode 34: HTC One M9 – More Of The Same?

This week we look at the rumoured new HTC One M9 (or whatever it’ll be called, HTC’s newest flagship) which we’ll get our first look at on March 1. These first spy shots seem to indicate it’ll be similar to last year’s M8, but is that good enough to make it one of the best Android phones of 2015? In other news, we take another look at the Amazon Fire Phone, six months after its launch, and end up wishing we hadn’t.

The Droidcast team of Darrell Etherington, Kyle Russell, and Greg Kumparak also wonder about the secret sauce that leads to wearable success, and whether HTC can muster some of that for its own rumored device. HTC is a little like that kid from grade school you always thought was going to be like a celebrity or software mogul when you grew up – but who ended up just getting a pretty good job at the top local employer instead.

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