Egomotion Raises $250k To Automatically Tell Your Friends Where You Are, Whether Or Not You’re Driving


Back in December, we wrote up the launch of Status, an app that automatically tells your friends where you are, what you’re up to, and useful stuff like whether or not you’re currently busy driving or if your phone is dead.

Status has just been updated to teach it some new tricks, and the company behind it has raised a bit of cash.

While the update brings quite a few tweaks to the app, two in particular stand out:

  • While you’ve always been able to share your location with friends in Status, you’ve now got the option to share it for a limited amount of time as opposed to indefinitely. Want someone to be able to find you for the hour/day/week, but not forever? You now can.
  • They’re dabbling with a super light-weight messaging system, which allows you to ask your Status friends yes/no questions to which they can reply with just a single tap. You say, “Coffee?”, they say “Yes” or “No”. Status founder Kulveer Taggar tells me that users were opening Status largely to find who was available to hang out, so this was a natural next step.

Meanwhile, the company behind Status, Egomotion, has raised $250,000 from Bloomberg Beta (the $75M fund launched by the Bloomberg media company back in 2013), Tikhon Berstram (co-founder of Parse and Scribd), and Initialized Capital. This isn’t the first time the company has raised money — they’d previously raised $750k — but it’s the first time since they’ve focused their efforts on Status.

You can find Status for iOS and Android here.

status screen 2