Every Song Evan Spiegel’s Ever Tweeted, In One Playlist

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Snapchat wants to be a music app. Leaked emails from the Sony Pictures hack and news reports indicate Snapchat’s been talking with music companies like Sony and Vevo to potentially play songs or music videos in its app.

The startup already takes great care in choosing songs for its promo videos, leading me to discover amazing bands like Goldroom and Strange Talk. The only links ever allowed in Snapchat are to these artists’ iTunes Pages.

Much of this music enthusiasm stems from Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel. He’s an avid listener of indie rock, bubblegum pop, and dreamy electronica who’s even floated the idea of Snapchat running a record label. In the meantime, he frequently tweets out screenshots of what he’s listening to on his iPhone, or links to songs on SoundCloud and Hype Machine.

So while we wait for Snapchat’s big moves in music, we can at least get inside Spiegel’s ears. Above is a playlist of every song he’s ever tweeted (barring obscure remixes and Beatles tracks that aren’t on Spotify), plus six songs featured in Snapchat’s commercials.

And as a bonus, here’s the video for my favorite Snapjam, Goldroom‘s “Embrace“: