A Million-Dollar Robot Suit Is Available On Amazon Japan

A few years ago we wrote about something called a Kuratas, a robotic mech suit that allowed the wearer to fire a BB Gatling gun whenever they smile at their soon-to-be vanquished enemies. When it appeared in 2012 everyone thought it was a funny joke. Now it’s available on Amazon Japan for $1 million.

The robot is obviously a bit hobbled – the powers that be don’t want us going all Mechwarrior down at the local mall – so it moves about five miles per hour and you can buy the arms separately. Created as more of an art project/Otaku exciter, the Kuratas is a real, albeit expensive, thing and would be an excellent graduation or Bat Mitzvah present. I, for one, welcome our huge Japanese robotic mecha overlords.

via Technabob