ChartMogul Closes A $600K Seed Round Led By Point Nine Capital In Berlin

With the rise of the subscription economy, you ought to be able to have a dedicated tool for measuring recurring revenue. Created by Nick Franklin, one of the earliest Zendesk employees, ChartMogul is like Google Analytics but for measuring subscription revenue. The market is SaaS, monthly-gift-boxes, online education, media subscriptions and the like. It is integrated with Stripe, Braintree, Chargify and Recurly.

It’s now closed a $600,000 seed round led by Point Nine Capital in Berlin, with Zendesker Michael Hansen and Tom James as angel investors.

Christoph Janz of Point Nine was of course an angel investor in Zendesk and is the author of the highly popular ‘KPI dashboard for early stage SaaS’ spreadsheet, which Chartmogul is, to some extent, productising.

It includes cool features like Geo-mapping (with heat-mapping so you can see which countries have the most revenue or worst churn rate). Customers include Typeform, Hopster, while competitors include Baremetrics, Hookfeed, FirstOfficer and others. However, Franklin says he is the only ones in this vertical supporting multiple billing systems.