Smart Helmet Maker Skully Has Raised Another $1.5 Million

Last summer, Skully, the motorcycle helmet with a heads-up display, became the fourth-most popular Indiegogo campaign in history. According to an SEC filing, it’s raised another $1.5 million.

The financing, which took the form of convertible securities, was added to existing cash that Skully had raised through its crowdfunding campaign and previous fundraising.

Skully hoped to raise $250,000 during its two-month crowdfunding campaign, but took home nearly 10 times that amount. A company spokesperson confirmed Skully has raised a total of $5.8 million in both pre-orders and angel investment thus far.

Its helmets provide an added layer of safety for thrill-seeking motorcycle riders by providing hands-free GPS navigation and calling capabilities, wide-angle rear-view camera displays on the helmet screen, Bluetooth connectivity, an integrated audio system and streaming music.

Co-founder and CEO Marcus Weller created the helmet described as having augmented reality capabilities with his brother Mitch. Marcus told us back in August that the idea came to him “literally as a fever dream” after experiencing several bike crashes. He didn’t own a motorcycle at the time, but was convinced something like this helmet had already been invented. It hadn’t been.

Marcus, who has experience in research on intelligent transportation systems via the University of Minnesota, was so compelled by the idea of something like this he went and made the helmet.

It seems he was onto something. The Weller brothers sold 1,950 helmets in over 47 countries during the two-month campaign.


Info courtesy of Indiegogo

Skully did not want to disclose the particulars of the current raise. We’ll update you as soon as we know more.