Nintendo’s New 3DS XL Is Heading To The U.S. February 13 For $200

Nintendo has revealed that it will bring the new version of the 3DS XL to the U.S. on February 13, following its launch of the redesigned hardware in Japan last year. The new version features a second analog stick, as well as two new shoulder triggers, microSD and NFC support. It also has improvements to the 3D viewing system that makes for better viewing from a range of angles, meaning the so-called ‘sweet spot’ for seeing the glassessless 3D effect on the upper screen is much bigger than before.

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The new version of the Nintendo 3DS XL has been reviewed positively by many who’ve had access to the original Japanese version, but so far games that support the new buttons are limited. Nintendo also announced today that a system update for the new 3DS XL model will activate Amiibo support, meaning you’ll be able to use Nintendo’s new figurines with in-game interactive features with the system, starting with Smash Bros. for 3DS, and coming soon to the new Ace Combat game launching alongside the new system on February 13.

Nintendo specifically didn’t mention anything about a North American launch of the New 3DS, which offers the same C-stick analog controller, shoulder buttons and other features but on a form factor with proportions of the original 3DS (smaller than the XL). The 3DS XL also apparently won’t ship with an AC adapter in the box, based on the assumption many will already have this accessory from previous system purchases. The 3DS XL will also be available in a bundle with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on Feb. 13, which is a game that makes good use of the new hardware controls.


A special Majora’s Mask edition of the 3DS XL will also launch on February 13, continuing Nintendo’s longstanding trend of making people irrationally want more systems than they could possibly need.