Google Brings The Account Switcher To The Stable Version Of Chrome

Many people are satisfied with just one Google account, but not all – especially in a world where many work and enterprise accounts are handled via Google, people often find the need to switch among two or more. Back in August, Chrome’s Beta releases started to incorporate an Account Switcher that allows users to easily change which account they use to manage their browser’s bookmarks, tabs, history and more. It’s also great for shared computers, and for letting guests browse without risking potential embarrassment on either side, and now it’s rolling out to the stable version of Chrome on the desktop.

When you update Chrome to the latest version, you should now see a tab in the upper right corner that will display your name if you’re signed in, or else a small portrait icon if you aren’t. You can click that icon to bring up the new switcher panel, which lets you switch to another identity, go incognito, or browse as a guest. When guests are browsing, they won’t have access to your tabs, history or bookmarks, and when they sign out, it’ll wipe any record of their browsing session on your computer as well.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 9.16.51 AM

The Account Switcher is a welcome addition to the browser’s feature set, as it makes things easier for just about everyone using Chrome.