Teddy The Guardian, The Protective Plushie, Gets $400K In Seed Investment

Teddy the Guardian, unlike his animatronic cousin, Teddy Ruxpin, will not terrify your children. Teddy is actually a vital signs sensor that allows parents to check a child’s temperature and heart rate with a single tap of the bear’s paw. Because it’s also a beloved toy, the child won’t be frightened and doctors and parents can see the results inside a mobile app in real time.

Based in Zagreb, Croatia, the company is building and selling their handmade teddies for $499. They are also currently donating bears to hospitals in Europe to help doctors and nurses take vitals without intrusive instruments.

The company, founded by Josipa Majic and Ana Burica, has raised $400,000 from London-based investors. “We kept it low since we are cash positive and wanted to keep it within existing angel network in London,” said Majic.

Why does the world need a teddy bear that can sense your heart rate? For a number of reasons. “The idea behind disguising medical tech in a lovable toy is to provide parents with more accurate, consistent and reliable data points that will give a meaningful and complete insight in the child’s health condition,” said Majic. This means that readings can be regular and careful without frightening or harassing the child and it allows parents to take data from infants without sticking things into their mouths – or other orifices. While folks with kids who are well might not see the pressing need, this would work wonderfully in a hospital ward or with a child with a chronic illness.

We met with Majic and a finished teddy at CES and, in short, it looks like a safe and cozy teddy bear with a little camera in its paw. It’s definitely not rocket science. However, if it helps even one kid, however, it could be worth its weight in rainbows, dreams, and fluffy filling.

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