Social Media Curation For Media Firms Crowdynews Raises €2.5M Series A

Crowdynews, a social media curation platform aimed at media companies that want to integrate social feeds into their output, has raised €2.5 million in funding in a Series A round led by INKEF Capital and joined by co-investor Singapore Press Holdings. The startup is currently providing service to newspapers including the Chicago Tribune, Washington Times, AccuWeather and other media outlets internationally.

Crowdynews integrates social media into an online newspaper’s output, gathering social media posts, photos and videos from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and other channels. The idea is that it uses natural language processing to sort the relevant social posts out, and according to language.

Competitors would be products like Storify, but that’s a more of a news service that verifies social media content sources. Outbrain is the other main competitor in this space.

The Netherlands-based Crowdynews is backed by INKEF, also a Netherlands-based fund with €200 million under management. SPH is a leading media organisation in Asia.