Mark Zuckerberg Will Hold His First International Q&A From Bogotá, Colombia January 14th

International users will get their questions about Facebook answered while CEO Mark Zuckerberg is Colombia’s capital Bogotá on Wednesday, January 14th. The executive is in South America for meeting around, Facebook’s partnership with telecoms to make the Internet accessible to everyone.

After tackling decreases in organic Page reach, the Messenger migration, and why he won’t build a Dislike button during his initial two public Q&As from Facebook’s Menlo Park, California headquarters, Zuck’s going on tour for his first international Q&A.

Facebook is asking users to submit questions for the session. Some top ones suggested so far include:

  • Why “Zuck” gets to have a four-letter Facebook username but normal users must have a minimum of five characters.
  • Does Facebook plan to compete with YouTube, or what will it do in video?
  • How will Facebook take advantage of artificial intelligence with its product in the near-term?

Hopefully, Zuckerberg will take the opportunity to address questions about Facebook’s international product and business. Some things I’d like to hear about include:

  • What are Facebook’s plans for translation, so that users can communicate across language barriers?
  • What is Facebook doing to increase the average revenue per user in the developing world, where buying power is low so ad rates are too?
  • How are Facebook’s plans for free voice over IP (VOIP) phone calling through Messenger taking shape?
  • Will Facebook integrate Messenger and WhatsApp so users can communicate across the two apps?
  • How does Facebook decide what websites and services are accessible for free through’s apps?