PYOD Lets Your Print Your Own D

Ahem. We begin this post by noting that the forthcoming material relates to human sexuality and should be construed as NSFW if you work at a retirement home for men or women of the cloth. The rest of y’all, hop on in!

So PYOD is a product that aims to allow you to print your own dildo. The service wants to become your one stop shop for custom dildonics in that you can design the contour and shape of your penetration system and then order it. It arrives, 3D printed, a few days later. While many would ask “Why?” we are reminded that the heart is a lonely hunter and that we should truly be asking “Why not?”

The project comes from Maroeska Wijsbeek of the Netherlands.

“My background is in sales and marketing. I have a vast experience with toys, but missed the opportunity to design my own,” she said. “We are a Dutch start-up and living up to Amsterdam’s reputation by offering innovation in the sex toy industry. People are becoming increasingly aware of the many ways to have fun in the bedroom and this app is supplementing this. Thanks to new 3D Printing techniques, all that fun can be precisely shaped to your preference.”

The hardware is easy to clean and hygienic. It is smooth and non-porous and it is produced entirely in the Netherlands.

If you pledge you will get a custom dildo for about $36 and they are aiming to raise $100,000 to build out the service completely. While many of us might ask, rhetorically, “Aren’t all these things basically shaped alike?” I suspect we might be wrong. Because you can add your own flanges, ridges, mountains, and profiles of Henry Kissinger to your discreet Greedo blaster.