Gymwatch Is A Fitness Tracker That Helps Make Your Workouts Better

There are a lot of different wearable devices out there, and a whole bunch of those devices are focused on tracking users’ activity. But once you have that data, few of them follow through in helping you to make use of it.

Gymwatch is different: It’s a wearable that you strap on during your workouts that not only captures data on pretty much any exercise you’d like to try out — it also helps you train. The device captures a full range of motion and can tell you if you’re doing a certain exercise too fast or too slow, and it can also help make sure you’re doing it with the correct form.

The Sensor, which retails for $199, connects with a mobile app to do so. Users can also check out the results of their workouts through the company’s website.

We got a chance to see the device in action during our tour of the Eureka Park section of CES. Check out the video above to learn more and see how it works.