NapTime Baby Monitor Saves Parents From Late-Night Arguments

Babies are glorious miraculous blessings, but parents trying to get through a good night’s sleep with a newborn in the next room may have a tough time remembering that. The NapTime is a new baby monitor that employs Bluetooth-connected, vibrating bracelets to rotate through parental night time duties.

When it’s hubby’s turn to change the diaper and soothe the little one back to sleep, his bracelet vibrates to wake him without bothering mommy dearest. And vice versa.

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The baby can be monitored through a smartphone left in the room, equipped with the NapTime app or a connected Wi-Fi camera. The app can detect the baby crying and send out an alert to wake the appropriate parent. The system can also tell whether or not the bracelets are actually being worn, and will alert the other parent if one isn’t wearing the bracelet. In the worst-case scenario, the app will start to call the parents’ phones (if for some reason both fell asleep without wearing their NapTime bracelets).

Obviously, this helps parents trade on and off during the four different trips to the baby’s room during the night, but also measures the way that your baby is sleeping through the night, giving parents a better idea of when they’ll need to get up.

The NapTime monitor is up for pre-order TKTKĀ and you can learn more here.