LookSee, An E-Ink Smart Bracelet, Will Always Fit Your Mood

Fashion and tech, though perhaps an unlikely union, seem to have been getting along quite well over the past year. LookSee, an e-ink smart bracelet that allows users to customize the design through imagery, is the newest love-child of that union.

The LookSee pairs with a LookSee app via Bluetooth to let users choose from either hundreds of pre-loaded photos and patterns or from their own photos, which are then displayed in a series on the bracelet. It uses an e-ink display, meaning that it saves a lot of battery but only displays in black and white (grayscale). According to the founders, the LookSee holds a charge for a year.

Alongside the ability to change the design of the bracelet at any given moment, users can also set up the bracelet to receive notifications, show various clock faces, etc.

The idea is that people shouldn’t have to buy a million different accessories just to properly express their daily mood. With the LookSee, a user only needs a single bracelet and the possibilities for design are endless. Feeling glum? Outfit your LookSee with skulls and crossbones. Feeling romantic? Throw some hearts or roses on that thing.

Learn more about the LookSee here.

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