Yo Dawg! LG Hears You Like Washing Machines…

LG has taken your laundry to the next level with the introduction of a new front-loading washer with a Twin Wash system. What does that mean?

It means that LG has packed a regular-sized washing machine with an extra, mini washing machine in the bottom. This allows you to do two separate loads at the same time, or simply pop a smaller load into the mini washer to save water and energy.

Of all of LG’s announcements here at CES 2015, this may be one of the more exciting.

The Korean company also added a special new front-loading door that is tilted at a 6-degree angle and is positioned about an inch higher than most other washers, saving users from bending over as much to load and unload laundry. The new washer comes with a technology called TurboWash, using two high-pressure nozzles to spray concentrated detergent directly onto the clothes. It saves water and washes faster, which is good news for everyone.

And, because LG wants to dominate the home through connectivity, the new washer comes with NFC and WiFi connectivity, allowing users to upload special washing cycles, monitor those cycles, and receive alerts when the load is finished.

You can check out more details on the new LG front-loading washer with Twin Wash right here.

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