Philips Announces Multi-Room Speakers That Connect To Spotify

Don’t tell Taylor Swift! Philips has announced a set of speakers that connect directly to Spotify and allow you to move your queue to the speakers from your mobile device.

The system also supports an adapter, pictured, that lets you use your own speakers to get some dulcet tones out of your Spotify queue. How does it work? Well, there’s a single button to bring up Spotify content. Press it and you get “warm, detailed sound” out of the $130 speakers.

Quoth Philips:

You’ve just walked in your front door and you’re listening to your favorite playlist. Simply press the Spotify button on the Philips Spotify multiroom speaker in your hallway and the music instantly picks up right where you left off – ensuring that you don’t miss a single note. You walk into your lounge and pick up your tablet, choosing a track that you’ve been looking forward to all day. Next, you press the Spotify button on the speaker in your lounge, which instantly takes over the tune from the speaker in the hallway.

“Shake it off” indeed.