Garmin’s Fenix 3 Sports Watch Just Might Look Good With A Suit

Garmin’s Fenix line is dark, brooding, and, in a way, beautiful. Their latest watch, the Fenix 3, joins that rebellious lineage with three new styles including a “Sapphire” model with real sapphire crystal face.

The multi-sport device can record running and swimming as well as almost any outdoor activity including hiking and skiing. It has a large GPS antenna in the bezel and features a transflective display which makes it readable in direct sunlight and allows it to last for six weeks in watch mode or 20 hours of active usage.

The best thing, however, is that Garmin has imbued some true style into this latest model. While the previous version seemed a little Blade-Runnery, this watch looks more like a bigger, rugged fashion watch rather than a robot polyp – and that’s a good thing. Now that these things last for longer than a few days on a charge I could definitely see folks wearing this as their primary watch in the office, no mean feat for a sport watch.

It will be available starting at $499 in the spring.

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