Connected Cycle’s Smart Pedal Prevents Theft, Provides Analytics About Your Ride

Those of you who read the blog might notice that I like bikes and biking and stuff like that. I’m a cyclist and use my bike to commute to work in San Francisco most days, and I really love not needing a car most of the time.

But!!!! There are a few problems with relying on a bike all the time in the city, like when your bike inevitably gets stolen. A new smart bike pedal from a French company called Connected Cycle could help prevent that theft, while also helping users to track data about their rides.

Once installed, the Connected Cycle smart pedal will alert bike owners when their bike has been moved via mobile app. Since it has a GPS connection and connects to a cloud platform, Connected Cycle’s pedals let users keep track of where the bike goes if someone’s using it that shouldn’t be.

connected cycle-1

But Connected Cycle goes beyond just general theft prevention. It also enables users to track their cycling activity through the mobile app. That includes providing detailed statistics about how far they’ve biked over time, the route, and how many calories they’ve burned.

For those who hate having to open a third-party app to track their activity when biking, the smart pedals could provide a good alternative. For bike rental companies, it could also provide a solution for managing fleets and ensuring bikes aren’t stolen.

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