How To Unplug For New Year’s Weekend

New Year’s is a time where we turn off work for a little while. We meet friends and family, reflect on the prior year, and begin to imagine possibilities for the coming year. For many of us involved

The Federal Vision For Healthcare IT: A Dystopian Paradise

In a year not too distant, Loretta, a woman in her late 20s, hears a pleasant tone from her watch and checks to see a text. The message isn't from a friend or work, it's from the watch itself: "You're

Where Are All The Women In White Hats?

America needs cyber talent -- especially among women. Without a capable workforce to secure the smartphone in your hand or the highly classified networks our government operates within, our economy an

How To Stem The Global Shortage Of Data Scientists

Data scientist might be considered the “sexiest job of the 21st century,” with many companies eager to hire data science talent. But 20 years ago the term was barely used, save for a few academic

Oculus Pushes Back Touch Controller Launch To Second Half Of 2016

Sometimes timing creeps up on you and you have to move things back. It's an ugly reality for hardware creators, but it happens. Today, Oculus announced that its Touch controllers will be shipping i

We’re Close

All of the chatter about virtual reality shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Over the years, we’ve been forcing our way to get closer and closer to content of all types. For example, before

Happy 46th Anniversary! Love, Facebook

There's a funny Facebook glitch telling people they've been friends on Facebook for 46 years, even though Facebook has only been around since 2004.

Twitter Announces Deal To Revive Politwoops

Political gaffes on Twitter will once again be preserved on the website Politwoops, according to an announcement from Twitter. The company blocked API access for Politwoops earlier this year, a move

Meet Knightscope’s Crime-Fighting Robots

The robots might one day rise up and take over, but a Mountain View startup called Knightscope has developed a fleet of crime-fighting machinery it hopes to keep us safe. Knightscope’s K5 secur

Artificial Intelligence Poses A Greater Risk To IP Than Humans Do

Substantial thought and angst has been expended over the fact that artificial intelligence (AI) is coming to your workplace to take over blue- and white-collar jobs, alike. But a major risk of AI has

Facebook’s Controversial Free Basics Program Shuts Down In Egypt

Free Basics, a Facebook program that gives free access to certain Internet services, has been shut down in Egypt. The news comes the week after India’s telecom regulator ordered the suspension of Fr

Microsoft Will Warn Users About Suspected Attacks By Government Hackers

Microsoft users will now be notified if a state-sponsored attacker tries to break into their accounts, the company said in a blog post. The announcement comes the same day as a Reuters report that Mic

Disney Research Creates A Robot That Can Fly Up Walls

Disney Research and the research group at ETH Zurich have created a car that can drive, fly, jump, and ride up walls. By using propellers and wheels, the robot can fly over obstacles and then smack ag

This 3D-Printed Star Destroyer Is Two Feet Long

The Star Destroyer, one of the largest ships in the Star Wars universe, has been recreated in excruciating detail in the form of a two-foot long 3D-printed ship consisting of thousands of small parts.

Thinga Launches Its Kid-Friendly Search Engine

Yahoo Kids died a quiet death two years ago, but to BJ Heiney (who worked on the product from 1996 to 2000) the shutdown was a "travesty," depriving kids and parents of a valuable place to find fun, s

Debian Creator Ian Murdock Dead At 42

Ian Murdock – the ‘ian’ in Debian – was found dead at his home in San Francisco on Monday. The cause is yet unknown. Murdock was an integral figure in the open source movement.

Uber Hits One Billionth Ride, Gifts Free Year

Rapidly expanding car service startup Uber says it has driven its 1 billionth ride. Launched in June 2010, it took the company 5.5 years to reach this milestone. Uber trip number 1 billion took pla

Samsung Gets Wacky With A Belt Called WELT And Other Oddities

CES is a bit like the auto shows of yesteryear, back when carmakers simply came to flex their muscles and show what they were capable of, as opposed to unveiling products that are destined for dealers

T-Mobile CEO Discusses Consolidation Rumors, His Predictions For Tech In 2016

As the latest year of the future folds into the next, the most bombastic/annoying/entertaining of CEOs sets his gaze on the technologies that will define the wireless space and the company he is at th

AT&T Snaps Up Assets, Talent From Carrier iQ, Phone Monitoring Startup Goes Offline

Remember Carrier iQ? In the years before Edward Snowden’s revelations about the NSA, the name and its software became synonymous with creepy, unseen monitoring of everything that you do on a s
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