Tesla Is Working On Robotic Snakes That Emerge From The Wall To Charge Your Car

tumblr_ln2oa88Bn01qaqeu1o1_r1_500Elon Musk is pretty much the best thing about Twitter, and today is no exception – the Tesla CEO tweeted that his electric car company is actually working on tech that would allow chargers to snake out of the wall and plug into your car automatically, eliminating the need to manually connect when you get your Model S back to your garage at night.

This would presumably somewhat resemble the kind of articulated robotic arms made famous by comic book villain Doctor Octopus, but less threatening and evil. The invention would appear to be driven by a desire to make the process of charging Tesla vehicles even more convenient, and also by extension more idiot-proof – you can’t forget to plug in your car when the plug is autonomous, after all.


Backwards compatibility for said tech is a nice bonus, and yet another example of how Tesla goes out of its way to bring the benefits of its advances to existing, as well as new customers. Already, Tesla has begun rolling out battery swap tech that works with existing cars, and earlier this year it introduced a warranty extension that applied backwards to existing Model S cars already shipped.